Our Industry Focus

We specialize in variety of different industries. Over the years, we have placed a multitude of different positions, from President, CFO, Vice President of Sales to Customer Service and Inside Sales.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in finding and attracting top talent for any position your organization needs to fill. Please contact any of our recruiters for more information on our services.

Visit our full site to view our recruiter bios and learn about their industry expertise:

Business Products
Bill Soodsma
Managing Partner
Tel: (201) 651-1310
Category Management
John Preste
Vice President
Tel: (201) 651-1268
David Steiginga
Vice President
Tel: (201) 651-1251
Roger Steiginga
Managing Partner
Tel: (201) 651-1315

Nancy Bruining
National Account Executive
Tel: (201) 651-1239
Contract Interiors
Neal Bruce
Vice President
Tel: (201) 651-1249
Cheryl Richards
Vice President
Tel: (201) 651-1316
Financial Services
Allen Burkholder
Vice President/Group Manager
Tel: (201) 651-1278

Katherine Cipriani
National Recruiter
Tel: (201) 651-1317
Joe Cudia
Vice President
Tel: (862) 244-4318
Information Technology
Allen Burkholder
Vice President/Group Manager
Tel: (201) 651-1278
Dan Steenstra
Vice President
Tel: (201) 651-1319