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Large-Scale Recruitment Solutions

A truly unique service for large-scale recruitment initiatives. We offer the personal and efficient service of a smaller organization combined with our global reach to a network of recruiters, which we have developed over many years, to execute a high-touch and streamlined recruiting initiative on a large and international scale. As a result, you can achieve a new level of efficiency, allowing you to make the most of your time and investment. Benefits include:

A New Level of Cost Efficiency. Our service model is aimed at reducing the total cost of talent for large organizations by consolidating and standardizing the recruitment effort in order to accelerate the rate of fulfillment across geographic markets and ensure that best practices are leveraged nationwide or worldwide.

Enabling Market Expansion. We have positioned ourselves to help world-class companies accelerate international expansion and new market penetration.

Customized Program Management. Unlike other recruiting services, our large-scale recruitment solutions give HR directors the flexibility to design the program management to mirror their own corporate structure. Our approach enables HR departments to gain a more detailed and holistic understanding of their investment in talent, while allowing them to centralize or decentralize the process based on the companies hiring practices.

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